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  1. In the 909 parametric equalizer, the 'Auto Save current preset' function seems to be active all the time, regardless of switch setting on the setup page. Also the 'hold Save button to toggle auto-save' feature (on the equalizer screen) only activates auto save and will not deactivate.

  2. I have entered a formal bug report on this but am mentioning it here in case anyone has any input. I have noticed that when importing .m3u playlists, any filename containing foreign characters will be skipped and not populated into the playlist. For example, if the filename contains Dvořák the file will be skipped during the playlist import scan, but simply changing the name to Dvorak will result in the file being properly included in the playlist. This is with v3-841on Android 10, but I have a suspicion that the bug is present on all versions.

    Has anyone else come up against this?


  3. Hi,

    I am using a known-working Poweramp Tasker task (Poweramp v3-828 and Android 7 on a Moto X Pure) on an Android 9 device (Pixel 3 XL) and am seeing it fail with the following Poweramp log entry:

    21:27:57.318 PlayerService OPEN_TO_PLAY content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists/16/files?shf=2 IGNORED

    On the Android 7 device I see the same log entry, but without the 'IGNORED' on the end, and the command works properly (loads a playlist and starts playback.)

    Other than the OS everything is the same (same Tasker config, same Poweramp version, both restored from their respective backups) so the only meaningful difference on the device seeing the failure seems to be the different OS (although I don't see how that could be the problem since Poweramp seems to be receiving the intent message in both cases.) Any ideas why Poweramp is apparently ignoring the command on Android 9 and not on Android 7?

    Thanks for any help in sorting this out...



  4. 14 minutes ago, KUSOsan said:

    Correct. Android 8 (Oreo) is a minimum requirement for the long press to skip function.

    In that case there is a minor bug in build 826. The long-press-to-skip option is absent from the 'Misc' menu (which apparently is correct since I am running Android 7.0 and thus the feature is unsupported), however the option is available under the Headset/Bluetooth menu, which sends you to the Misc menu, where it is missing. If the option is absent from the Misc menu on pre-8.0 phones (because it is not supported) then it should also be absent from the Headset/Bluetooth menu.

  5. My phone is not rooted and I don't believe that root is required for this permission (although unfortunately it looks as though Android 8.0 or above is :(  ). To run the command you need to install the adb application on your PC and enable USB debugging on your phone. The process is a bit long to include in a post but there are many online tutorials available that describe the procedure.

    I'm not 100% certain that it is even required but there doesn't seem to be any documentation available on this new Poweramp feature so ...


  6. I'm on build 826 (Moto X Pure running Android 7.0) but I do not see the 'change track by long volume key press' option on the Misc menu or anywhere else (well, there is a selection in the Headset/Bluetooth menu for that function that in turn redirects me to the Misc menu, but again the option is not there.)

    I tried using the 'adb shell pm grant com.maxmpz.audioplayer android.permission SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER' command listed earlier in the thread but SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER does not appear to be a valid command as the attempt fails with: Bad argument: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown permission: android.permission.SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER

    What am I missing?


    Edit: It seems that SET_VOLUME_KEY_LONG_PRESS_LISTENER was added in Oreo, so does that mean the 'change track by long volume key press' option is unsupported on earlier OS versions?



  7. Thanks for this. I use a Pebble Classic mounted on my motorcycle to control music playback and have been unable to get track selection to work with v3. Given that the Pebble has been discontinued and all the other v3 development priorities I had assumed that there was near zero chance of getting v3 working with the Pebble anytime soon, if ever. I'll give Music Boss a try!

    If possible you might want to change the subject line of the thread to include 'Pebble' so other Pebble users can find it more easily.



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