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  1. Just posted the same thing lol. I've contacted devs twice. They have no idea. Or they do but aren't telling us.
  2. So in the folder/library scanner directory-menu (abpve i think) I see this series of numbers like a phone number with no dashes. With a checkmark box. I have no idea no idea what it does and emails to the Developers come back with no answers they have no idea what it is has anybody seen this before I'm going to post this into my Dropbox and I will posted in the body of the mail and attach it as well if anybody seen this or has any clue what this is I'd love to know thanks!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByH3-PQp5bl5MndESHpxVEQ2Tms/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 Active SAMSUNG MEGA GALAXY View tablet GALAXY tab E 8" Installed on all the above however the advanced audio features on the Mega and S6 keep me listening to these primarily. I've been testing for months now - exploring features and familiarizing myself with this build I am so far incredibly impressed and find myself addicted to listen to all my music now with only this player all other interfaces seem to fall short so first off I'm impressed and I think you've done a tremendous job here. I've noticed a few bugs: - has anyone noticed how the track/album info will sometimes populate with correct info on some scans but after rescans will show less info or untitled or unknown. ..... it's frustrating as the previous pre-beta version never had this issue with same files . I've played with the played with the settings and have also reset to default with no affect it just seems to be a random issue. I've also seeing others having similar issues and so I'm wondering now if it's something that's a known bug or if there's something that I'm missing. - I also have another issue this is I also have another issue this is actually a serious concerned because there seems to be a random set of numbers under my folders / scanners directory that I've emailed to the developers and they frankly don't have any idea what it is so I'm going to post it here with a little picture and I'm curious if anybody is having the same problem and I'm also going to post it as a separate single bug issue I think it's important enough to do that please get back to me or respond if you have any idea or having the same problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByH3-PQp5bl5MndESHpxVEQ2Tms/view?usp=drivesdk
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