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  1. One more vote for getting this fixed on the HTC 10 ?
  2. It sounds very saturated. Almost sounds like it's harming the phone speakers when pushed to the maximum. I like the volume, but prefer the effect off.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Mine is English.
  4. Does using Direct Volume Control bypass the preamp in the phone? Or does that not make sense? Does it have to go through the preamp no matter what? The volume is louder when using DVC on my HTC 10.
  5. +1 The ability to modify frequency parameters would make a world of difference to me. I have a spike in the sibilance range I need to cut. 8k comes close, but it's like using a club to reduce that narrow range my headphones produce.
  6. Hi-Res Output will be nice, agreed. Combined with sane battery life. What I'd like even more is the ability to define EQ frequencies. I have a spike in my headphones around 7.6k. I need to pull that down some. The closest Poweramp gets is 8k :(
  7. I've adjusted my settings a bit. Try these... HTC 10 settings 1. Turn on Dolby headphone effects first (this is important to do before setting up a personal audio profile). I use "other as my headphone device (VSD1S earbuds) 2. Setup Personal audio profile. Use the "listen to frequencies" option Poweramp Audio settings 1. Resampler, type SoX 2. Output, OpenSL ES, check No DVC, check No Headroom Gain 3. Advanced Tweaks, uncheck Direct Volume Control, uncheck Smooth Equalizer Presets Adjust EQ and other preferences to taste. This combination (so far) has achieved the nicest sound and stability for my HTC 10. Edit: This does not include using Hi-Res Output (experimental). That crashes for me as well. The settings I posted are just ones that work to deliver the nicest sound for me on the HTC 10 so far.
  8. Found some info on the DAC... https://www.qualcomm.com/news/snapdragon/2016/06/02/qualcomm-aqstic-sets-new-standard-audiophiles
  9. Mine does the same thing on Hi-Res Output. As far as the DAC in the HTC 10, I read somewhere that they used discreet circuitry on the Snapdragon processor as apposed to integrated. Try the output settings I'm using. Sounds very rich.
  10. HTC 10 Stock Rom 6.0.1 Hi-Res works, can be unstable. Sometimes stops with error while fiddling with playback.
  11. Just wanna say Poweramp Alpha build 703 is working nicely on the HTC 10. Settings... 1. OpenSL ES output with headphones 2. Using DVC 3. Using BoomSound with Dolby Audio as well as Personal audio profile. I use a slight EQ in Poweramp. Good job!
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