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  1. Nice work.It works very well on LG Leon.Sound is clear,but needs more works set up EQ because bass in EQ presets is much more stronger then in v2 V2 settings are much betetr for me.But with a little work sound is very good indeed.My speakers have very strog bass though. Visualisation is not accurate.IIt is a little delayed.For me this is not very important because I always have visualisation turned off. V2 plays all files but V3 does not.It has problems playing all files.Even mp3 files are not all playable. With a little more work it will be the best audio player for android ag
  2. Works very well on LG LEON.Everything works perfect.Sound is clear.Everything is runing smoothly.Visualisation is fine just needs to be sinchronized.Needs to be delayed i think.Great work you did.Thank you.
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