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  1. Yup, tried that. Disabled eq, flatted out the settings, disabled tone and limit, the uninstalled and reinstalled. The town like I'm listening to music in a sewer. Sounds lame. Rolled back to the October build (2.0 build 449) and it's fine. I'm not the only one to have this issue. I saw a couple of comments on the market about it too. In the changelog, it mentions some tweaks to htc srs and api features. Could this trigger the change?
  2. Since the last upgrade, everything sounds like it's being played in a cave. Sort of like it's been through a dsp processor. I've tried tweaking the eq and tone. Thought it may have been the stereo x adjustment but it isn't. I'm downgrading for now, if that helps I'll post back. I'm running Cm7 on an htc desire.
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