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  1. I don´t want to come across as rude, but is it too much to ask from the moderators to give at least a short answer?
  2. In times of higher storage capacities, all of my music is converted into Flac. Unfortunately, Poweramp does not support lyrics in Flac files. Will this feature ever be added? Cheers!
  3. When will there be new skins for the PowerMP? Can´t wait.
  4. I would love a lyrics button in the main menue. There was a previous version in which you could display the lyrics by tapping on the cover. That was excellent.
  5. Yes, please. Like in the previous beta versions.
  6. Hi Max, there´s not much to moan about. Although there could be some minor improvements I´d whish that the Repeat and the Shuffle icon are not visible the whole time if activated. Furthermore I think it would be better if the Tone/Vol icon is replaced by, for example, Lyrics because you can still access the Tone / Vol via the equalizer. And I mentioned it in one of my previous posts that the space where the file format is displayed could be used much better. I can´t see the importance of showing what kind of file is played at the moment. That´s all. Thanks for your great work and effort!
  7. Something "cosmetic": Not only are the lyrics displayed but the path of them as well. It would look nicer if that wasn´t the case. Again, some of the album arts look grainy, especially the darker colours. This was not in previous versions.
  8. Hi, one other thing. Couldn´t the space of the KHz / Kbps / mp3... display down in the middle of the player be used more effectively? I don´t need to be reminded of the sampling rate of my mp3s.
  9. Hi Max, Very greatful for the update! I like the new background colours very much. I´m too having problems with the album art display. It is most with black coloured album arts. It´s difficult to put into words. The black is kind of grainy. I would too be very pleased if the lyrics could be saved, so that I don´t have to search for them everytime.
  10. This debate has gone way out of line. If I was Max I wouldn´t say a word about a possible release. And that is the last we want.
  11. The only problem that I´ve got is not the possible delay but the lack of information from Max. A short note doesn´t take long. I whish he´d be a bit more active.
  12. Hi Max, thanks for your reply! Am I right assuming that the "official" update will not be ready till August, but September?
  13. Max replied to me, in a recent email, and hinted he is putting the finishing touches on the remaining TODO list items and that they are "mostly library items" left to do... ..Have a little more patience until end of August OK. I have these pills that will calm me down
  14. Why is Maxmpz keeping quiet? He should shed some light on this matter.
  15. Hi thanks for answering. I used the search feature but nothing came up. I´m quite surprised that this seem to be a general problem and more so, that this problem hasn´t been fixed up till now. Maybe Maxmpz should have a serious look into this problem. Cheers
  16. Normally I use Poweramp with my Galaxy S while doing outdoor activities. Yesterday I used it at home and noticed a crack sound whenever I skipped a song or an album. I checked the stock player but it played flawlessly. So it has to do something with Poweramp. I use voodoo control and the newest Darky Rom. Can anybody tell me what might cause this. Thanks in advance!
  17. I like it how the app is gradually developed into something truly amazing. What I don't like is that my suspense is killing me. So spill the beans, when will the eagerly awaited 2.0 be released????
  18. Hello Ottoman, thanks for the compliment. Yes it it true, it takes a hell lot of time tagging the lyrics. I have 20 GB of music still waiting for it. If you find any program that does it automatically let me /us know.
  19. Hi Ottoman, I use mp3tag. It´s a free software to tag mp3s. Here´s how to do it. Open mp3tag and open the desired mp3. Click on it and click on extended tags. Then choose UNSYNCEDLYRICS and click the icon with the sheet of paper and the pencil. An editor will open. If it is not shown, create it by clicking the icon with the sheet and the yellow star. Then select UNSYNCEDLYRICS in Field. Now look for any lyrics on the internet copy and paste it in the editor (Value).Click on OK two times. Finished. Sorry for my English. I am German.
  20. Hi, finally the lyrics can be added in album art. Thanks for that! Is there a way to turn these off when not needed? Bye
  21. Hi, I don´t know if anyone has come up with this request yet . I use my Galaxy S as an alarm clock. Like most other phones it has only got 1 loudspeaker. Stereo music through a mono loudspeaker sounds funny sometimes, that´s why I need a mono setting in the equalizer. That would be nice.
  22. Hi, is the Apple style library still planned for 2.0? If you don´t understand what I mean, I´m thinking about the feature in which all albums are shown in a circle and you can wipe them from left to right. Thanks
  23. Is the release still end of January and when is version 2.0 ready? I don´t mean to be pushy, it´s just my impatience
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