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    OPUS codec

    Thanks for the information inagy. Opus support is a dealbreaker for me, and I am amazed that Poweramp does not have support for it.
  2. just like I separate genres with ";" I would really like the same to work with artists. +1
  3. After some nice support this problem has been sorted. The problem was due to that the tracks had multiple genre fields. Like so, GENRE: This GENRE: That rather than GENRE: This; That
  4. Hello, I love this app ! The one and only faulty thing Ive seen with it (so far) is that it does not like genre tags, as in tags/more then one. Much of my music has two genre-tags since one is to narrow to my liking. When played on my computer, software shows "genre 1; genre 2" , in other words it reads both (or all) genre tags and present them seperated by ";". When a track has more then one genre tag, Poweramp shows no genre at all. It is blank. Could we please have support for multiple tags, or at least have Poweramp read one of them ? (sorry if thread is dupe, found nothing relevant to thi
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