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  1. Bump I'm really wanting to build a black n red skin. Any progress?
  2. Delete dupicates. I was trying to add a new song to the playlist I use the most... somehow it duplicated the whole playlist.. now it seems my only fix is to manualy select each entry one at a time and select delete
  3. Here we go..... this is a themed version of same player. Look at bottom of top right most screen. Select View Full Image.
  4. if I remember it correctly... the track position portion of this screen is swaped to a scrolling marquee with the text "Next up... (ex) Shinedown - Godsmack" or [title] and [artist] from tags. It really could fit anywhere... maybe even on status bar every 40 seconds... or maybe just durring the last 30 seconds of current song.
  5. I would like an app to build a theme or at least a tutorial. Thanks
  6. I would like to see a scroller or slide up box to show next song to be played in que. I once had an mp3 player (Sansa) that did this and loved to know what's comming.
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