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  1. Hi By using your application, I thought of an other feature that could be helpfull: the possibility to change multiple tag. For exemple, when an album's genre is tagged as "default", we have to change manually each song. Quiet annoying. Maybe we can have the possibility to edit the tag from the album/artist library (long press, the same way as with song)? Thanks for correcting it
  2. I support this request. I have an HTC Desire, which is not known for a long life-time battery, so it's important to prevent app from running in background!
  3. thanks With all the requests on this forum, I can't wait for the next update . Good work!
  4. But if we're not listening to a playlist but an album, we can not enqueue an other song we want to listen without stoping lecture. This is for me different from playlist as they exist yet in Poweramp. In Lithium, it seems to be very simple: long press on a song/album open a pop-up menu with "play now", play next', "play last", "add to playlist", "edit" and "delete". I don't know if it will fit with your layout, or the application architecture, but it will be great. Otherwise we have to create a "playing" playlist, and erase it every time... A little bit annoying when you've reach such a quality with the others features. Thanks
  5. Hi, here's a new request: I saw that we have access to the current playing list, but only to play further songs, no managing options seem available. For me, it will be usefull to make this list as a temporary playlist, so you can add a song/album/artist from the library in the current playing playlist. For exemple, when you long press a song, you have + playlist as usual, and play now (will play immediatly, current playing song will be back after the one inserted), play next (will play after the current playing song) and play end (songs will be played after the last song of the playing list). I'm not sure that it's clear, but you can have a look on Lithium player, it is also a great player, the one I was using. Thanks
  6. What you can do is give the possibility to modify by artist or album (ID3tag), and give in this interface the possibility to choose one existing preset... Thanks for the job!
  7. I'll enjoy the possibility to save the custom equalizer setting as new preset. I don't know if it is possible simply or not, but adding to an artist a preset, so that each time you play this artist, the equalizer is ajusted the best way!
  8. I agree, this is a must for you player!
  9. I think that it's necessary to make Poweramp the ultimate player. The possibility to sort by rating is also a important feature for me. Thanks for the job!
  10. I will had a request: the possibility to delete an album art when it does not correspond to the album/artist
  11. I'm a user of Lithium player, and I miss one of its feature. From the home screen (HTC desire 2.2), I had the possibility to add shortcut to a specific artist/genre/playlist wich launch directly the player on the artist albums. That could be a great improvement for your app
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