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  1. Moto G5s When i listen my music for a while (headphones) and then unlock the Phone with the fingerprint sensor. And then press the "home" button to minimize Poweramp (an all other Apps, if open), so Poweramp gets minimized, but a few seconds later it will show up again. Is there any setting to avoid that?
  2. 1) Please make an option to remove the next/previous playlist buttons from screen (screenshot red arrow). i often touch them by mistake and it jumps to previous/next playlist. 2) I dont know how it is called. Please add that bars shown in second screenshot to playlist view. (I made a red rectangle around it). Maybe a smaller version of it. 3) The song search function should open and play the found songs in currently open playlist and not go to "all songs" / "all titles" after songs were played.
  3. Does the new search button search inside the current open playlist and jump to song if found in the current playlist? I would also like to request that feature.... Poweramp was always closing current playlist and just opens the found file till now.
  4. If i click on a song in playlist and than go back to Poweramp main window (with the button bottom left) it always shows "playlist saved" - how can i turn this off? I did not change playlist....
  5. - Playlist in lock screen? Or same as Poweramp in non lock screen? - 750ms is a bit slow. 500 ms fill buffer? Or just play and read whole mp3 when start playing song?
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