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  1. Yes I would love to see this feature return. Shame it has gone. Knowing which track I am on when listening to an album is important to me.
  2. I still have this problem with the large widget, but I have discovered that the smallest widget does not have this problem, so I have at last upgraded to the latest version and am very happy with my enlarged tiny widget!
  3. I would REALLY like this feature... In fact I requested this over a year ago (can't find the post, I think it's too old) but it seems it would be very difficult to implement with the way that Poweramp works, but nothing's impossible. I do exactly what Max suggested as it seems it is the only way around it at the moment - I just have to think of my folders list as a dynamic thing which I change every time I want to listen to a different shuffled selection - a pain, but what can you do???
  4. On upgrading from google play, my large widget which I successfully used as a 6x3 widget (using apex launcher to resize) no longer displays properly. It comes out as a 6x1 widget but still takes up 6x3 spaces on the home screen. To get it to display at the size I want, I have to increase the width of the widget to 6x5 (the actual graphics take up 6x3 at this size). Basically, the problem is that there now appears to be a 1 space border around the visible widget in the 528 version which wasn't there in the 525 version, which means the actual widget takes up much more room than the visible area of the widget. I hope you can help as the widget is useless to me like this!
  5. I generate playlists using a bash script which are outputted with utf-8 encoding (I can't work out any way to change this) and I realized that any songs with unusual characters in them don't appear when they are imported into Poweramp. Is there any chance of utf-8 playlist support or is that more difficult than it sounds? Thanks....
  6. My workaround: I've rooted my phone and installed busybox and terminal emulator. Written a bash script to generate a playlist of tracks in random folders order within a single selected folder - the output of which is stored in a library location of Poweramp. Written another (very simple) bash script called 'playlist' which runs my original script as many times as I want for as many different folders as I want (2 in my case). now all I have to do is run terminal, type 'playlist', look in Poweramp, et voila... I have two playlists Classical.m3u and Non-Classical.m3u. Playing one of these playlists gives me albums in a random order which are either only Classical albums or only Non-classical albums, but with the songs in the original album order . If I want to reshuffle I go to terminal and type playlist and it is done.... A lot of work... but now it's done it is easy.... I'd prefer to be able to do this from within Poweramp though.... Oh well, it seems there is little interest in this, so I'll just have to use my scripts.....
  7. Folders mode - List as heirarchy - Long press on desired folder - select shuffle.
  8. I have discovered that when you long click on a folder and choose shuffle, Poweramp creates a special list which consists of the tracks within that folder. It then sets itself to shuffle songs and lists This means it plays (in a random order) all the tracks from this initial list (tracks within the clicked on folder) and then choses a new list at random (another folder outside the clicked folder) and shuffles the tracks within that. Any press of the shuffle button seems to discard this special list. Because it works this way, what I want would be a fairly large departure from current workings. There is no way to select the folders within the selected folder and then shuffle them - If you defined each folder within as a list and then shuffled lists you would include all the lists outside the selected folder. If you take all the contained tracks as a list (as it now does) and shuffled lists it would play all the tracks within the selected folder in order including playing the folders in order - unshuffled - before going on and choosing a random list from outside the selected folder. My request would need it to somehow discard knowledge of all lists (folders) outside of the selected folder, temporarily using the selected folder as its sole source for the library. Then you would be able to shuffle the lists within the list (ie folders within the folder). So now I understand how it works a bit more, I can rephrase my request as to have the ability to Shuffle lists within a selected list. I get the feeling that providing this feature would be a tricky task indeed.....Shame..
  9. Well, I can confirm this behaviour, I can't think of a way to get it to do what you want - seems a bit silly to me - only to say that if you have artists in separate folders then it works as you want in folders mode!
  10. Hmmm no replies..... No interest? or too confusing? Should I put this in as a feature request? I'm pretty sure it isn't possible....
  11. This doesn't do what I want...I think you must misunderstand me say this is my directory structure a / b a / c a / d 1 / 2 1 / 3 So in a I have b and c and d in 1 i have 2 and 3 If I long press on 'a' and choose 'shuffle', then it will shuffle all the songs contained in b, c and d..ok But I want it to shuffle them as folders, ie I want it to play songs in a/b first then a/d, then a/c (or maybe those folders in a different order). I don't want the actual songs shuffled, just the folders. Now 'shuffle lists' does just this with the whole library, but I want to limit it to the alphabetic folders only. if i long press on 'a' and choose 'shuffle' and then change it to 'shuffle lists' it will play songs from the numerical directories too.. eg. it might play a/b first then 1/2, then a/c...etc So to sum up, I want to shuffle only the alphabetic folders as lists (not songs) Unfortunately, in trying to be clearer, I have rambled on and on (as is often the case)... I hope that you can see through all the clutter there and get my meaning.
  12. Ah... But I want to shuffle folders... Is it possible to select a folder and have it shuffle only the folders that reside within it? So I really want to choose shuffle lists but only include the lists (or folders in this case) that I have clicked on. I suspect not as it seems that the 'lists' are defined as ALL folders in the library no matter which folder you select.. Is this correct?
  13. I know there are numerous threads on this but I cannot get it to work. I have my list mode as heirarchy and I can see all of my folders. I long click on the one that I want to shuffle within, and press play (or shuffle) I change shuffle mode to lists, and repeat mode to advance it then shuffles ALL of the folders that are in the library... I have tried various repeat modes but none seem to do what I want... Is there a way to do this?
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