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  1. I'll also bump this request to allow queue to ignore shuffle. It makes it much easier to listen to albums in order (via queue), then return to shuffle all tracks once the queue ends.
  2. This would be awesome! If it's possible, it would allow users to get all their music from one place and save switching apps.
  3. Several issues that I've noticed: I have the EQ presets set so that it will be on "phone speaker" when I do not have anything plugged into the headphone jack and "flat" for when I do have headphones plugged in. Whenever I plug headphones in, the player unpauses the music before changing the EQ setting--so I have a momentarily loud volume before the EQ goes flat (this has been a problem with the player before you started working on 2.0) After the player pauses when I remove the headphones and I leave it paused for a while, my queue will start over (instead of resuming where it left off). If I
  4. I second this request, though with Google working on something similar it might be easier to wait and see if their infrastructure is more open. Cloud-based music is clearly the wave of the future.
  5. Sorry if you were already planning to do this, I just didn't see it on your list. Thank you!
  6. Another feature that would be really helpful and often gets left out of player controls is the ability to control the stereo mix. My brother can't hear out of one ear so whenever he listens to headphones, he only gets half of the mix. Would it be possible to work a balance or pan control into the EQ settings? Or to make an option to combine the stereo channels into a mono mix? Thanks again.
  7. Would it be possible to work the track number into the player/Main UI? It would be nice to be able to see the track number for the song that is currently playing. An integrated sleep timer would also be awesome, but I see that's already on your "to do list." Thanks for a great app and keep up the amazing work.
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