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  1. Honestly, if you want to see another project extremely similar to this, look at gonemad. He's also a solo coder for his music app working on a revamp. His player also uses a custom engine based on ffmpeg just like Poweramp. Look at this blog and see how much more communication he has about the status of his revamp and on a much shorter timeline as well. I can only dream of max communicating with us like that.
  2. Neutron uses 64bit processing. There is no such thing as 64bit audio atm.
  3. 4.4 added the ability to view the scroll bar on the lock screen by longpressing any of the music controls. Spotify has already implemented this and GoneMAD music player's dev says it shouldn't be too much work to implement.
  4. Only current workaround is GMusicFS, which requires root and FUSE filesystem support to work. It basically logs into your play music account and creates a virtual mount on your device so that it seems like the music is local when it's not.
  5. This app has been on the market for several years now. It's supposed to have better gapless playback than Poweramp. It also has better sound quality according to various head-fiers, at least compared to the current Poweramp audio engine.
  6. Unless GOOGLE releases an official API, Poweramp cannot integrate with Google Music properly. Poweramp streaming the music is off the table without the API. Poweramp can only access the cached music on the device, which is not tagged I believe, so you're left with untagged sogs. The only workaround is using GMusicFS, which requires root.
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