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    Shuffle : details?

    Hi Maxmp, Thanks for your answer.
  2. Yuufo

    Shuffle : details?

    Hi, I'm using Poweramp (very good app btw ) with 6k+ tracks in some 350 folders. I just start the app then select shuffle mode. No playlist. After some weeks of use I find out that some tracks come up quite often, while some others seem to be "forgotten". Therefore I would like to ask some questions about the "shuffle" feature : - does it select the next track using a random process? - or just reorder once and for all the whole tracklist at startup, then plays all tracks? (in this case each one of the 6k tracks should be played one and exactly one time before it is possible to hear a track anew?) - is there something like a size limit to the shuffle function? - do the folders act somewhere in the process? I would just like to have a plain constant probability for each track, no matter how long it is or which folder it belongs to. Thanks for your answer! Yuufo
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