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  1. I mean the replay gain option 'Apply gain/prevent clipping according to Peak', sorry for the terminology error. It seems as if this has been reported as a bug previously, so I added my comment to this issue in the Bugs forum
  2. Tried the same song withot iTunes gain settings. Found that it is the setting with gain and peak limitation that faults the audio level. If I only apply gain I will get correct level. Will report this as a bug if not already done.
  3. I've moved my music from iTunes PC to my tablet. At that time I did not know much about normalizing in iTunes but processed all mp3 files using mp3gain in order to get a common sound level. Now I realized that iTunes normalization function, which I had enabled while all the files where only played on my PC , stores normalization data in a specific tag as well. So now I wonder, I guess I have TWO sets of normalization data in each file, and which takes precedence when I enable the ReplayGain feature. I also noticed that AAC files, also previously managed in iTunes, plays a a whispering sound le
  4. While investigating ICS power drain symtoms I discovered that a background service was started after I put my TF101 to sleep for the night and had consumed 6 CPU seconds during the night (approx. 8 hours). I've thought I had disabled all auto checking features in Poweramp, but there must still be something left that apparently tries something. Could anyone shed some light on this?
  5. I have several artists with single (EP) releases. I have created artist folders and within that artist album folders, of which one is a collection of all singles (a folder called "Single") I have with that artist. In the ID3 tag I have entered "Single" as the album. Now all singles of all artists are shown under the album "Singles". Is there a better way to do this so that the singles are just listed as separate albums or separate songs for a certain artist?
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