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  1. Thanks, but that settings was already off. Turning it on and then off again didn't change anything. Maybe I'm not being clear. When I close the program, the music stops, which I want it to. But Poweramp continues to run in the background. That is what I wish to stop. I want it to close completely and not use resources when I'm not listening.
  2. It may well be deliberate and people may like the feature, but I am asking if there is a way for me to turn it off in the app. Thanks!
  3. This is just a question, not a bug report. Recently I noticed that after closing the app, it remains running in the background. I had not noticed it until just the last week or so, but the app remains in my notification area and I have to click the x in the widget (I use the widget, rather than an icon link) to completely close it. I searched the settings, but I couldn't find where I might change it so it just shuts off completely when I am done. Is this control available? Poweramp v3 820, Android 8.1.0