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  1. The problem with allowing the app to stay active is that it sometimes accidentally starts if I touch the screen or whatever. In meetings, or in front of my class, I don't suddenly want that happening. And when I close an app, I like it to actually be closed. I get it that others don't care, but I do. Some apps allow me to specify in settings whether to allow the app to continue in the background and I was hoping that would be the case here.
  2. Thanks, but that settings was already off. Turning it on and then off again didn't change anything. Maybe I'm not being clear. When I close the program, the music stops, which I want it to. But Poweramp continues to run in the background. That is what I wish to stop. I want it to close completely and not use resources when I'm not listening.
  3. It may well be deliberate and people may like the feature, but I am asking if there is a way for me to turn it off in the app. Thanks!
  4. This is just a question, not a bug report. Recently I noticed that after closing the app, it remains running in the background. I had not noticed it until just the last week or so, but the app remains in my notification area and I have to click the x in the widget (I use the widget, rather than an icon link) to completely close it. I searched the settings, but I couldn't find where I might change it so it just shuts off completely when I am done. Is this control available? Poweramp v3 820, Android 8.1.0