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  1. OK, cool, I appreciate all the information. I'll mess around with everything and see how it goes.
  2. 1. Thanks Andre. I think we're using two different view settings though. What you seem to be describing is the Library view. I am using Folders view, where I have the list options set to Hierarchy. I have dozens of albums, organized via folders by music type etc, and I usually like to shuffle the songs in one album at a time. As I said, whenever I do this, the repeat setting reverts to Advance List. It sounds like you're saying that Advance List Repeat is a setting that is attached to the Shuffle command, therefore every time I shuffle the contents of a folder, it will do this (and I will just have to manually change it back to Repeat Off every time). Is this correct, or is there a way to shuffle without this setting reverting? 2. Many of my folder names are listed in black font, and many others in grey. Why? 3. I'm still wondering if there are any options that can be changed to fit more on the screen at once time (again I'm using Folders view not Library), such as text size or anything else. (I tried changing text size in Android settings - didn't help.) I have folders that contain 30+ albums, and albums that contain 60+ songs. Only about five albums show/fit on the screen vertically at any given time, and many album names, and especially song titles, only show the first couple words.horizontally. 4. The max phone volume sometimes is not loud enough (I'm using phone speaker). I wasn't able to find any feature in PA to increase/boost volume further. Does anything like this exist? I've had a number of recommendations to check out something called Viper4Android. Any thoughts on using this in conjunction with PA?
  3. Every time I fire up some new songs, the repeat setting reverts to Advance List. I use hierarchical folder view. When I click the arrow next to a given album folder and select shuffle, and it begins to play, the repeat setting always goes back to Advance List. I'm also wondering whether there's any way to change the display settings in folder view, specifically if the text can be made smaller (many album and track titles don't fit on the screen), and if the information displayed about each folder can be changed (currently it shows folder name, and underneath, it shows the folder's path, and underneath that, the # of files and folders contained within). Any way to simplify/save display space and just show the folder name?
  4. Cool, that works, ty. However it seems to revert to Advance List Repeat by default every time I play something. I couldn't find any settings to change this. Any way to turn this off?
  5. Hi, I just installed Poweramp, and have it set to folder view > hierarchy. I would like to play (preferably shuffle) the contents of a single folder (or a folder containing other folders) and have playback stop when said contents have been played. Is this possible? (I have messed with settings as well as searched this site without finding what I'm looking for.) Currently, when I tell Poweramp to shuffle the contents of a folder, it does so, and then starts playing music from some other random folder. The only workaround(s) that I'm seeing is either to use the sleep timer (I haven't used it yet but I would assume this is something that stops playback after a set period of time) or to create a playlist of a folder's contents, assuming Poweramp stops playback when the contents of a playlist have been played. Neither of these options are ideal, and I would assume there is a way to do what I'm trying to do. Help!
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