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  1. Okay, SO since I jumped ship from the itunes world in 2009 etc.. I've been on Android Poweramp, however I'm finding there is a recent library artwork problem. I added a new album which has maybe 50+ tracks, and all the artwork in the whole library/albums view of the whole player, all albums have been replaced by this one album's artwork. It seems to persist after a re-boot, after a cache clear and re-download etc. its a long V/A various artists album. I have prefer IN folder artwork checked , and when I play a specified track it still has the correct artwork on the player screen + and on the android 'desktop' player widget which is A++ okay. However, it's a drag to not be able to visually 'LOOK' through the albums, especially driving, because it all looks like its the same, one album now. Definitely a bug and potentially easy fix, id hope? Anyone Experience the same ?
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