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  1. i tried doing a clean install right now, but im still experiencing that issue, weird.
  2. yup i tried granting access to the root and granting access to my music folder. But none of them worked. I did not have this issue in the previous beta build b4 the ui change.
  3. On Galaxy Note 4 android 5.1.1, Poweramp keeps telling me that i need to grant access to my micro sd card in order to delete files. It keeps asking me to grant access even though i did, and i still can't delete my music.
  4. I use pitch control to play around with my songs. I primarily listen to EDM and i like to experiment with sound. Sometimes i use pitch control to match the exact sound i hear during a DJ's set. Or just change the feeling of the music. Poweramp alpha has tempo control, now we just need pitch control. There's another thread about this in the past, which i also have posted it in:
  5. Bump. it is very useful to have the option to adjust the tempo and pitch individually. Especially for some genre of music like EDM. And also, need a function to see the BPM of the song in order to use the tempo and pitch function effectively. Adding this feature will increase the value of the app. Something like this; (taken from JRriver media Centre on PC) my stock samsung music app has the option to adjust the tempo, but the increments are too large (steps of 10% only).
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