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  1. i tried doing a clean install right now, but im still experiencing that issue, weird.
  2. yup i tried granting access to the root and granting access to my music folder. But none of them worked. I did not have this issue in the previous beta build b4 the ui change.
  3. On Galaxy Note 4 android 5.1.1, Poweramp keeps telling me that i need to grant access to my micro sd card in order to delete files. It keeps asking me to grant access even though i did, and i still can't delete my music.
  4. I use pitch control to play around with my songs. I primarily listen to EDM and i like to experiment with sound. Sometimes i use pitch control to match the exact sound i hear during a DJ's set. Or just change the feeling of the music. Poweramp alpha has tempo control, now we just need pitch control. There's another thread about this in the past, which i also have posted it in:
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