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  1. Hi Max. You have told that the phone you most commonly use is samsung galaxy s ii. I have that phone too, but Poweramp 2 works unbelievably buggy on it. It can freeze many times a day and the only solution is reboot. It scans the whole library often and doesn't understand music files on my sd card on default. (My internal memory is 16 gb and sd card 32 gb. Both have songs, however after every scan it only finds the internal memory songs and i have to do a rescan for my sd card songs. And yes the folders are marked as music folders) So as you can believe, this is an enormous pain. Especially for my playlists. My rom is wki8, an official samsung galaxy ii rom. But, what is the rom on your phone? Because I have to change to that or change back to 1.4. Please tell.
  2. Update: For some reason the button doesn't appear unless you are actually listening to music at that moment
  3. +1 this is a pretty weird one too since 1.4 had this right... especially about all songs list where "the" or "a" didn't count
  4. Oops, my mistake. Just found the button, strange i couldn't see it yesterday
  5. Basically, why is this option from 1.4 removed? Previously you could move songs up or down in the playlist queue but that's not there anymore?
  6. Let me explain my situation; I have tons of albums on my Poweramp, however, I usually listen to them on playlists (like All songs or created playlists). When listening to an album and you want to change EQ for all its songs it's very easy, because it's in the choices when you save an EQ for any of its songs. However, when listening to playlists, and you want to change the EQ of the song you're listening to, you can do it and save it - but you can't do it for its whole album, only its playlist. Why this is so important to me: Many of my albums play at different volumes, so it's a huge pain in the ass to lower the volume or raise after every song, and with EQ you can save a particular volume so all songs would be leveled. But since one album usually has one particular volume level, it would be extremely useful if you could save EQ for the whole album even from the playlist. So I ask - would this be hard to add? Basically when you save EQ for the song in a playlist, could there be a choice for "album"? Please, if it's easy to do, it would be EXTREMELY useful for me.
  7. Also, another thing: 1.4 had the really great ability to jump above two levels with long press on the track - now it only brings choice of album, artist and folder. What that basically means is when listening to an album track and you long press the track you get straight to albums list instead of the album currently playing. Please bring that back or at least give it as an option.
  8. Hi Max, thanks for 2.1, now my albumart works!!! Great work, now I can finally move to p2. But there's one thing that puzzles me about 2.0, and that is how to get lyrics to show over the albumart as in 1.4? That was a freakishly GREAT quality, and for some reason I don't know how to do it now. Now every time I want to see lyrics I have to press menu and lyrics come ugly-like over the whole UI. Please tell me that you're gonna fix this? Otherwise splendid job! Oh just one more thing... The most played songs list seems to count song played just by choosing a song... it really should count the songs that have played to the end.
  9. Hey. Thanx for the release but there seem to be some huge bugs for Samsung Galaxy. I Have S2. - First of all, the worst: it doesn't seem to find any embedded album arts on my m4a files. 1.4 did this with no problems and i had to revert back to it. - Second, it seems to do a full library scan every time the phone is restarted, which basically means i have to wait a huge time before getting to listen to music. On top of that, Samsung has its on media scan that it does on all restarts and it used to be simultaneous with 1.4 but with 2.0 Samsung first does the scan, and after that, Poweramp starts its scan from scratch. - Third, I have music on my phone's internal memory and on my sd card. When the program starts for the first time, it doesn't seem to search my internal memory, and this is a problem because I have some playlists with music from internal memory and therefore those playlists are missing those tracks and the only option then is to add them manually (which is a huge pain because there are so many) - I actually didn't check if this was a problem but if in 1.4 you saved some EQ presets for some songs, are those same presets saved to 2.0? Even if the presets are your own made? Basically, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me are you going to consider these Samsung issues on future fixes? Because right now I'm unfortunately stuck with 1.4 even though it's great, 2.0 has a lot of qualities I would have found extremely useful.
  10. Seriously, why not? It would be useful. It's not even in the to-do list.
  11. Oops, I see that "Played songs history" is already on your to-do list, thanks for that!
  12. First of all, thank you Poweramp guys for making EASILY the best music player in the world, it has everything a man could ever want. And the fact I can simultaneously look at song lyrics from a tag and play a song blows my mind. Now there are just a couple of small things I miss from my Nokia's music player: The album length (& basically the overall length of any library entry there is (artist, playlist, all songs...) "most played" playlist that practically counts every time you play a song and keeps track of what are your most "favorite" songs. What would be über-shmüber cool would be a real counter next to every song you play that says how many times you have played it. Now my third wish sounds crazy, not even nokia has this, but imagine how cool this would be: a smaller timeline that shows how far along you are on the album! So when you listen to a song and it's in about 3:23 of 5:00, you can see another timeline that says 13:01 of 43:51 because it's the fourth song on the album or whatever. Thank you by the way for today's update, they work more than perfect! Keep up the beautiful work! You're making the world better!
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