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  1. Build 709 completely broke hi-res support on my rooted Pioneer XDP-100R DAP. Worked fine using build 703/704 and the build.prop hack outlined here. Now audio output is downsampled to 48 kHz no matter what settings I chose in Poweramp. Switching back to the original build.prop file caused Poweramp to switch from Meizu mode to Snapdragon, but it doesn't help with the downsampling issue.
  2. I understand, but the OS is still Android-based, so installing the Play Store app from an .apk file should be possible.
  3. Couldn't you just install Google Play Store via .apk, then reinstall Poweramp from within it?
  4. In build 703 there are actually two options, "albums by artist" and "album artists". The latter works for me, though switching from grid to list view doesn't work and most cover art - which is visible in any other mode - is missing.
  5. Using .aac files is a bad idea, since they are raw audio streams without any additional info. This often causes players to misinterpret their length and explains why Sekula925's workaround works. Make sure to always use .m4a (AAC stream inside an MPEG-4 container) when encoding. Renaming files afterwards obviously won't do the trick. If your files already are .m4a, but aren't detected properly, it is most likely a broken header issue, caused by your converter software.
  6. Ironically, disabling all scrobbling support in Poweramp build 703 fixed it for me when using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler build 1.5.2 (latest Play Store version).
  7. Same here. Scrobbling via Simple Last.fm Scrobbler worked - more or less - up until early September, then it just stopped. Before, it rarely missed a track (maybe one every two albums), but since then the ratio has inverted. Out of the blue. No app updates involved. Rolling back to previous versions of either app didn't help. Really odd.
  8. You need root access to modify your XDP-100R's build.prop and add a dummy file (audio_hifi.conf) to trick Poweramp into recognizing the Sabre DAC. Here's a guide: http://www.head-fi.org/t/780642/onkyo-dp-x1-dual-sabre-dacs-balanced-sabre-btl-amp-mqa-dsd-256-android-5/7260#post_12511839 If it still doesn't work, you have to set the permissions of the audio_hifi.conf dummy to 0664 (rw–r–r).
  9. 1. Device model: Pioneer XDP-100R 2. ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM): Android 5.1.1 (Stock ROM) 3. Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? Single DAC version of the Onkyo DP-X1 audio_policy.conf
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