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  1. Andre, I tried the microSD card back in the Laptop and using Groove I had no problem playing the songs. I took another microSD card and only copied the music to it and tried it in the phone: worked like a charm. I'll start moving my apps to the SD but looks like it's all good. Thanks! Unwired
  2. Thanks Andre - sorry for the delay. I just copy & pasted my music folder from my laptop to my microSD card in my phone. R
  3. They were and you were right. I loaded straight mp3 files for the next try and my music came up but when I hit play, the play 'freaks out'. Yeah - technical term. The artist and even the artwork comes up. It shows that the songs are 2 to 5 minutes long but then when I press play it starts going through 2 or 3 songs a second. I can hear it playing them but it's just nonsense as it keeps skipping to the next song. Thanks, R
  4. Sorry for the newbie question but after searching the forum I've still not found a solution addressing this. -- I installed Poweramp and all of my songs were just numerical names instead of the actual song titles. -- I upgraded to a paid version but the problem is still there. -- I imported a bunch of music to my device directly (songname.mp3) and still the same problem. -- I copied my music folders to my phone and still the same problem. -- I redid the scan as well after the new songs and still getting the same issue. Thanks for any help.
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