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  1. Greetings I can play songs using the Poweramp app with my voice via Google Assistant. No problem. What I would really love is to be able to add the current playing song to a particular Poweramp playlist. Are there any plans for this kind of feature? Or has anyone managed to do this? Cheers M
  2. Agreed. I am in the process of rescanning with Fubar2000 after removing the caps replaygain vorbis tags with dbPoweramp. Good choice.
  3. Yes thank you. dBpoweramp has a feature to add the track gain tag (without altering the audio) and this is all in lower case. Note you have to remove the jRiver (alternative Replaygain tags) first though. It's jRiver that appears to be the one that tags it in caps:
  4. Yeah I do think it's the car rather than Bluetooth as my Sennheiser M2s work fine. Just wondering if there was anything I could fiddle with. Currently I can work around it by: 1. "OK Google....play", but Mrs. Google doesn't always listen. 2. The car has some voice activation features too so I press that on the steering wheel and then say "cancel" immediately and then playback usually resumes.
  5. I think that's it! if the tags are in lower case it appears to work. Just to confirm I had some that were in Upper case and some in Lower Case (like in the example screenshot). The Upper case entries are not picked up.
  6. Hi I can confirm that the tags do not seem to be read with an Mp3 version of a couple of files either which would suggest it's the tag names? Cheers
  7. Morning I have been using Poweramp for years now and I think it is the best app. However I still have problems with two things; Poweramp picking up track replay gain and also resume on Bluetooth. 1. ReplayGain I use HTPC/Desktop software called JRiver Media Center for my music collection and all tagging is done using dBPoweramp and Tagscan. When I rip a CD or tag files I always use the FLAC file format and I get jRiver to analyse the audio which writes the replaygain tags however these do not seem to be picked up by Poweramp. I can only assume that it's something to do with the tag names. I attach an image of the tags that jRiver has added. Which ones should Poweramp be picking up? Do I need to rename/copy some of the tag information to other tags? 2. Resume on Bluetooth I have found that this has always been hit and miss in my car (a 2011 Ford Focus). It always seems to resume and then pause almost immediately. Sometimes it resumes again as expected but sometimes not. Just wondering if there are some other settings to allow this to just resume the once! Cheers M
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