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  1. I'm not a fan of the new "wave" seekbar. I find it hard to move to near the end of the song using this. Will there be an option to change it to the previous style or are we stuck to this new one?
  2. Zucchini? Aren't android names dessert names? On a side note, is there a desser that starts with z?
  3. Just got a chromecast. I guess I'll switch to player pro for now until v3 and/or chromecast support officially arrives.
  4. Will there be an option for some of us who might not like the material design to keep the current look but still get the updated sound engine? Should we just keep using the alpa?
  5. That fix did make the long press work outside Poweramp. However, only the double/triple press works while the screen is off or in the lockscreen.
  6. Long pressing the headset button to change track only works while inside Poweramp. When on a different app or when the screen is locked, it reverts back to the double/triple tap to change plus the beep is gone. Im using alpha build 703 on Lenovo a7000 plus running stock marshmallow 6.0.
  7. Just to be clear, is the next update a new alpha release or will it be the beta?
  8. Device: Lenovo a7000 plus/Android 6.0/MT6752 -tempo setting a bit off (playing ~1.5x even when 1.1x is selected) -when downloading album art, it doesn't search for high res ones even though it is selected in the settings. Sometimes, the check box in the album art search dialog is unchecked and can't be checked. -always performs license check even though unlocker is installed. Sometimes the check fails and the only way to fix it is to reinstall the unlocker. -some visualizations become distorted (sometimes a portion is stretched to one corner) when hd is selected in the sett
  9. How would you know from the audio_policy.conf file of your phone can handle hi res audio. What particular lines should you look for? Lenovo a7000 plus Stock Rom (Android 6.0) audio_policy.conf.txt
  10. Option for editing and/or embedding lyrics to file would be nice.
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