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  1. I changed the playlist name to "Nice" and THAT WORKED!!!! It exported!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
  2. Okay, this first screenshot is what I see in the Playlists library category. The second screenshot is after choosing Export and after changing the target directory to Download. In the course of setting the directory to Download, I do get a prompt about giving permission for that directory (which I grant). My phone is a OnePlus 6t and doesn't have an SD Card, only internal memory.
  3. I went to playlists, clicked the hamburger menu, clicked "Export". The export window is up. I clicked the "Target Folder" button to change directory to one that exists (Download). I click "Export". The bottom of the window says: Exported playlists:0 I now open SolidExplorer to navigate to "Download". There is a file called "N.m3u8" there but it has zero bytes. I opened it with an file editor and there is truly nothing in it. The way this all works is strange. If I had 10 playlists, would it try export them all? If I select my one playlist, now the hamburger menu (and the export option) is gone. How is this supposed to work? HELP! I'm desperate to get this to work.
  4. When I'm in Library View and select Playlists, I see my one Playlist. It's called "N" (yeah, not a great name BUT I've only got one playlist). Where should the extension be shown? I don't see an extension.
  5. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying the link on the Export page will take me to the correct page? When mine comes up, the link is called "Playlists". When I click that link, it simply takes me the root directory where I see several dozen directories but none called "Playlists". Help!
  6. Please see the previous response in this thread. I'm not getting anything exported because, apparently, the playlist is a file to start with. I just want to know where it is.
  7. I'm about to switch phones and have a very large playlist (4000+ tracks) that I just can't rebuild. I'm trying to use the playlist export functionality but get a message at the bottom of my screen that says: "Export playlists: 0" If I select the playlist I want exported, the hamburger-menu is disabled; so, it seems you have to use playlist export without selecting a particular one. Why the message though? I've also set the target directory and found a file with zero bytes. Am I a moron and doing something wrong?
  8. I was looking at some other forum topics this morning and saw there was confusion about enqueue vs play. I would certainly agree. Enqueue is what you would expect but play is really another (uneditable) queue besides that Poweramp can play from. All that said, I've had instances where I clicked "Play" on an entire album, the first song played, and then the enqueued songs played. Has anyone else seen this? Is this a known bug? What I would have expected to happen is that the entire album would play from beginning to end.
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