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  1. Andre, thanks for the reply. In my search of Android forums I learned that quite a few people had to reformat their SD cards after upgrading to Lollipop. I did this and now everything works fine. This was NOT a problem with Poweramp.
  2. I am running the current version of Poweramp on a Galaxy S5 with Android version 5. I have Music and Playlists folders off the root of my 64GB SD card. I have one m3u playlist with seven mp3 songs in these folders. I can play the playlist or individual songs using MediaMonkey Android. I am able to select the folders in the Poweramp settings but when I try a full scan or a rescan it doesn't see any of the songs. It does see the file-based m3u playlist but says "not loaded yet". I've uninstalled an reinstalled Poweramp but no change. What could be causing Poweramp to not see these songs?
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