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    Google Play auto update

    Okay! Thanks the help!
  2. galandras12

    Google Play auto update

    I buy non-google play version this site via Paypal. But the google play auto update for Google play version and say "Buy the Unlock or download non-google play version." I download again this website and google play again update and again trial.
  3. galandras12

    Google Play auto update

    Amazon app store solution Google play app id: com.factory.appname Amazon version id: com.factory.appnameamazon Website version id: com.factory.appnamewww And Google play find only the Google Play version
  4. Hello! I buy the Poweramp this website. I like it very much Google Play auto update because all app is fresh and all new version auto install useful serive in Google Play. But Auto updated the Poweramp and the app lose my "Website" registration and wait this app sale but my region (Hungarian) not available the sale never. So anything the solution?