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  1. 52 minutes ago, invaderzim said:

    How is it working for you? What is your setup now?

    Here's my setup as attached.

    Now I can drilldown by Genres, then after choosing the genre e.g. Pop, then PA displays all of my albums tagged with Pop, grouped by Album Artist correctly (so compilation albums are shown as Various Artists) and also sorted by Album Artist, then Album name.



  2. 57 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @Absinthequ thanks for detailed request. Note that this is not a "bug" in Poweramp v3 - it was intended to show artist everywhere and album artist in appropriate category.
    (Actually there is a related bug in build 70x alphas (while it displays album artist tag, it won't properly sort by it, or add to queue/playlists with proper sorting, etc.)).

    I extended Album Artist Label option to Albums as well, including sorting "by artist" everywhere - this is in the next build 815 (PM me if you want to test it a bit earlier).

    Woohoo...thanks @maxmp for adding this (finally)! And thanks @Absinthequ for your detailed screenshots too. Can't wait to see the next build! 

  3. 15 hours ago, Absinthequ said:

    I see multiple people requesting these two things each update on V3 and we're struggling to explain what it is we're missing since the upgrade from V2 to V3. Since I have V2 build 709 on one device and V3 build 813 on another, I took some screen shots for comparison with a small sample library that has the exact same files on both devices. Note I do have the option: "Show Album Artist Tag instead of Artist tag" turned on for V3)

    Let me just say first, I think Poweramp is grouping albums perfectly fine.

    1. This is Library/Artists/2pac in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Notice in V2 the album artists tags are shown instead of artists tag making it clearly distinguishable what albums are Various Artists or side projects. V3 looks like one artist across the board because you can only see artist tag when viewing albums. Also V3 picks the last song artist name to display under the album that should say "Various Artists". In most instances it makes it look like a soundtrack or compilation is by one artist. This is a major bug for me and others that carries over into multiple categories.


    2. This is Library/Genre/Hip Hop in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Same issues as the category before.


    3. This is Library/Albums in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Again it has the same issues as the other two categories.


    4. Besides being able to clearly see the album artist tag in these three categories above, you could also sort by album artist tag. This is not one I ever used but this is the other feature people are requesting.



    The problem with using Album Artists category and Albums by Album Artists category as a substitute is they only work for Various Artists albums. Otherwise if you have your library tagged a little more advanced like some of us do it scatters albums all over the place by breaking apart one artist into many different ones and will be largely separated depending on the size of your library. It also removes artists songs from where they should be. For example some 2pac songs from compilations would no longer be in 2pac, they would now be separated and listed as Various Artists.


    Another problem with Artists category and Genre category is they break the albums into multiple pieces that make it look like you have multiple albums by the same artist by not being able to see that album artist tag. It wouldn't be bothersome if you were able to see that there's a artist difference like V2 shows and not look like a bunch of discrepancies or errors in the app. These being the two most popular categories makes this a problem for a lot of people.



    The sorting was probably removed on purpose to hide the Unknown Artist bug. I get that part. But can't the "Show Album Artist tag over Artist tag (If Exists)" apply when viewing albums too? That shouldn't affect grouping or sorting?


    Wow, thanks a lot for your effort! Yes I was specifically requesting that Sort by Album Artist option, and would like the albums view to show Album Artist, but have the tracks list to show Artist. That's how they're shown in v2.

    @maxmp are you able to accommodate this please? Many thanks!

  4. 10 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @tukanglistrik albums can be grouped either on Artist tag or Album Artist tag, but not on both (in one list). Meaning, if Poweramp based all albums on Album Artist, all the songs without album artist tag would go to Unknown album - this is breaking change for many users. Grouping albums by both Album Artist and Artist tag in one list gives unpredictable results if some songs has no album artist (==for most song collections in the wild).

    Poweramp v3 supports separate Album Artists category and it can also show Album Artist tag instead of Artist for tracks (option).

    Thanks Max! I don't remember how it was in v2 and I can't reproduce it as it has been upgraded to v3 now. But I guess yeah there was an option to switch grouping to Album Artist, so drilling down from any categories e.g. by Genres would always sort by Album Artist (but still separated by Album). Those that don't have Album Artist were tagged with "Unknown Artist" but still grouped by Album. The tracks list and now playing showed the Artist.

    Album Artist category doesn't really work for me as it would show all songs I have (20000+). Much more manageable if I can break them down by Genres first, and since now we can have multiple Genres per song that's even better.

    Thanks for your ongoing improvements!

  5. @maxmp, thanks for the new update!

    Can you bring back sorting by Album Artist, pretty please?

    I can see that various artists in compilation albums are now grouped together, which is great. However it's still showing the Artist of the last song in the album, instead of the Album Artist, see below. Album Artist are actually "Various Artists" for both albums.



  6. 12 hours ago, Absinthequ said:

    Settings/Library/Music Folders/  and you have to uncheck "music" folder, but checkmark every sub folder inside of it. This will make it so you don't have to click the "music" folder, but then you have to go back each time you add or rename a folder in this directory and manually checkmark them or they won't show up. However if you add or rename subfolders inside of folders you already have checkmarked they will automatically show up.

    This solves one problem I have with Folder Hierarchy, thanks!

    However I still have another problem with Folder Hierarchy. I have my albums as individual folders and so prefer to have them shown as Grid (2 albums per row). However after I open the album, the songs are also shown as Grid too. When I change that to List - Compact view, the albums view also changes to compact view too. Do you know if there's a way to get around this? This doesn't happen in Folder view.

  7. 3 hours ago, blaubär said:

    No, I've only got the one BT headphones. ( and wired ones, but that's not the issue here )

    But I can change from LDAC to SBC and back ( at will, using Sony's "Headphones" app ) , both protocols work.

    You missed my point. I was thinking that the reason my codec switched back to AptX was because in between using my headphones I connected to my car Bluetooth. Maybe for some reason Poweramp always "remembers" the last sample rate used (44/16 in case of SBC) and tries to connect to my headphones with that rate, and gets the best codec for 44/16 which is AptX.

    I'll try to do some more tests. Oh and my headphones are WH-1000XM2 too.

  8. @maxmp, does Poweramp control which bluetooth codec to be used as a default? On my Samsung S8+ it always defaults to AptX even though my devices support LDAC (e.g. Sony headphones and FiiO BTR3). I can change it in the phone's settings (developer mode) but it always reverts back to AptX if Poweramp has restarted.

  9. @maxmp Thanks for the constant updates, it keeps getting better!

    There's one nagging UI issue. I choose to hide the status bar at the top. Usually in other apps if I would like to see the status bar then I just swipe from the top (e.g. to check remaining battery %). I also can display notifications by swiping down once more after the status bar is shown.

    The problem is if the status bar is still hidden and I swipe down from the top to display it, Poweramp also thinks I want to display the folder contents (same swipe down motion). Is it possible to only enable this swipe down motion not from the very top, but let's say from about 3/4 of the album art height?

    Also is it possible to also hide navigation bar at the bottom? In other apps I can display it by swiping up from the bottom (at least on Samsung devices).

  10. On 11/16/2018 at 10:29 PM, Absinthequ said:

    I think the option should be Album Artist tag should always be shown EVERYWHERE if exists. You can still group albums by "artist" tag, but they show "album artist" tag when looking at the list of albums under that artist. If that's possible.

    Same here. I've been asking for this as it's the only feature I miss the most from v2, but I understand maybe @maxmphas a lot of other priorities.

    Maybe I'm the minority but I still like to listen to my music by album. Back in v2 usually I drilled down my music by Genre (depending on my mood, also to separate the kids songs), then albums grouped by Album Artist (so compilation albums are not scattered).

    However with all the new wonderful features and sound quality in v3 I'm not complaining. It still way exceeds my expectations :)

  11. 6 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Album artist label is shown instead of Artist (if album artist tag exists for the track) (this is the description to that option and it's hard to add something else to it).

    Ok found the option. However when enabled it behave strangely possibly because I choose to display artist before album name. It now displays Album Artist - Artist, which most likely are the same. Isn't that supposed to show Album Artist - Album Name? 

  12. Thanks @maxmp for the 806 update! Can you please elaborate on what's changed with "new Look and Feel / Player UI / Album Artist Label option"? 

    I'm still missing the option to sort by Album Artist, previously in v2 I could browse by Genre, then list of albums sorted and grouped by Album Artist. This would also group different artists on compilation albums into one album under "Various Artists". In v3 sorted by Artist, these albums are shown as multiple albums per artist. This is the only last feature I miss from v2.


    Thanks for your hard work!

  13. @maxmp can you please bring back the sort by Album Artist? I could do this in v2.

    Usually I browse my songs by Genre, then I want the albums sorted by Album Artist. Right now there's only option to sort by Artist, which would make individual artists inside compilation albums appear as separate albums. I prefer to have them grouped together and sorted under "Various Artists" as in the Album Artist tag.

    I know it's probably very late, as the final build is almost ready but this is one feature that I miss the most from v2. Appreciate if you could somehow incorporate this into the final build or perhaps at least on the follow up build afterwards.

    Thanks Max, great work on the v3.

  14. @maxmp I've posted this before. I have around 20k+ songs, all in my SD card. When doing full rescan, seems like Poweramp has a time limit or something like that. When full rescan is complete, usually I can see all of my songs, but only around first 2/3 have the correct tag and album art. The last 1/3 are missing tag and album art and even unplayable. Usually doing a rescan (not full rescan again) should fix it so not a big deal, but it's still a bug.

  15. Would like to report new bugs with Bluetooth, connected to my car stereo (Pioneer) below:

    - When playing, sometimes Poweramp just stops for no reason. The notification panel is gone too so I assume that it's also closed.

    - After phone call, it doesn't immediately continue playing. Strangely, the current playing song skips to the next 3 songs. For example, if I'm in the middle of song #4, after call it returns to the #7. Pressing Play starts that song #7 from the beginning. Note that I'm playing an album by Folder, no shuffle and no repeat.


    The 2 issues above never happened before on 793 and 795. I'm using S8+ on stock Oreo.


    Also it's a bit difficult to distinguish between no shuffle and shuffle all songs on black theme.


    Thanks Max!

  16. @maxmp, first of all the app is working wonderfully, great work.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, but in v2 and 70x I could select Genre category, and then sort by Album Artist. Seems like there's no option for this anymore since 793. I would like my compilation albums to be under "Various Artists", not split by the song Artist.

    Also, is there something like a timeout when doing a full scan? I have huge number of songs (10000+) stored in SD card and when doing the full scan it seems to stop after about 3/4 so around 1/4 of my songs are unplayable and without album cover. Rescan usually solves this like it's scanning the remaining 1/4 properly.

    Thanks again for your hard work!

    Device: Samsung S8+ on Oreo.

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