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  1. I think this is the case, but am told I'm incorrect. I have 3000 songs from hundreds of CD's and I know that I have not heard many of the CD's while I shuffle all songs.
  2. I have this issue on a Kyocera hydro Vibe while using Bluetooth and headphones, my music collection is on an SD card. I'm running 2.0.10 build 588 full version I just went through and tweaked the buffer to +250 I'll see how that goes.
  3. you can currently use Tasker, and a variety of easy plugins to do this. "Action box - Tasker plugin" will control music playback, and any of the Android wear plugin apps will do the rest. Check it out
  4. I buy and rip a lot of CD's. I leave the player on shuffle all the vast majority of using it. I only ever hear like the same 100-200 songs out of my 3500. I could skip through and get close to predicting the next song I think I've maybe hit the limit of this seed or something. It's all Fischer Yates like or something. I want the shuffle to be all inclusive and not repeating. I want a reshuffle randomizing option too. Data genetics has a very well written blog post about shuffling and I know it works quickly because I've tried it myself. http://datagenetics.com/blog/november42014/
  5. I like this idea, it might be difficult to implement quickly though.
  6. I'm new to the forums, but I work as a software engineer for a company. It's extremely common for Digital Rights Management to be always on. I've never had the problem on my app, (purchased through the play store), but I can understand your frustration. A really horrible case of this is Sim City from EA. Poweramp isn't even close to that. I do disagree with always active DRM and would prefer less frequent checks if they happen. Use Wireshark capture packets maybe of the app startup, but I'm guessing it doesn't check often. I have it installed on an old phone in my car that's always on airplane mode, never connected to the internet lately, and it runs fine. I think you should mention the app version and where you got it from. Maybe it's specific to non play store purchases. Again, I'm a noob on the forum, but I want this app to be the best. -Paul
  7. I created an account to request this. So that's something. +1
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