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  1. I think that will work! Thanks for the response! Now I just have to wait for 2.1.... Thanks again Crimper!!!!
  2. Is there any way to keep Poweramp from scanning hidden folders, ie. ".folder" ? My media is synced using iSyncr and it puts all media in one folder and then in subfolder by artist. I would like to hide my audio podcast directories from the automatic scan. I know I can just move them out but it defeats the purpose of using isyncr to sync back and forth into and out of itunes. I can't use no system scan for folders as I only have one directory marked for scanning. I would have to mark each individual folder for scan (hundreds of them) and just skip the five or six that i need to have the system ignore. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm using the demo and I'm hoping Poweramp works for me. Love it so far! Thanks.
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