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  1. Hi everyone, - OnePlus One - ResurrectionRemix v5.8.0 (7.1.1) - Boeffla Kernel Before I use ResurrectionRemix (6.0.1) with Boeffla and Hi-Res work. Now with the new version of Android Hi-Res don't work (fail). I'm use alfa 704. Sorry if my English is bad.
  2. Hello all, Work perfectly on my OnePlus One with Flac 16-bit/44khz (Ressurection Remix Android 6.0.1) I test on my car MTCB Android Headunit with Flac 16-bit/44khz, I have a little crack in sound when started but now it's Ok (Rom Malaysk 4.1.1) I will test 24-bit/96khz and 192khz next time on the headunit and keep you inform.
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