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  1. Yes it is BUT a quote from a recent skin developer "That's exactly the problem, you can not do anything with this template. We have tried everything, but this template is not intended for skin manufacturers, the codes are not correct, the links are full of errors and everything is so messy" So all these previous skins & sick designers that made Poweramps experience better "maybe even helped bring it to the success it has today" & more user friendly, are shit outta luck now!?!? All that money spent on skins, flushed down the toilet bc they cannot update their v2 skins or even produce a v3 skin without spending a rediclious amt of time sorting thru the messy coding, errors in the codes, links are full of errors, just to get it to work correctly, then have to actually design the skin "mind you the only thing they should have to do is design their skin to work properly with the app, not fix the apps coding to work with their skin" only to sell it for .99 or 1.49... I'm not trying to be hostile or obnoxious but this is a real problem, an unfortunate one that I'm hoping i can help resolve & get some forward progress... Cause alot of customers & developers are annoyed in reference to this situation. Again thank you for all the time & hard work that goes into all this. Its greatly appreciated but can we try & work towards a solution here?
  2. So I've been in contact with another developer & asked if they plan on making any v3 skins or updating their v2 skins to v3 & their response was they need the template from you guys... So can someone send me a template so I can then send that to these guys..? They have awesome skins for v2 & I've bought like 15 from them already so kinda sucks just pissing away 15-30 bucks... thanx for your time & work, been using Poweramp for like 10yrs now 👍👍
  3. I dont kno if this fixes the issue with the hi-res issue but it might...In 8.0 & 8.1 go to about phone (possibly inside about phone, click software) find build # click on it 7x pop ups will confirm how many more click u have. Then exit about phone, u will now see developer options In ur settings, click on developer options Then scroll down till u see all the shit having to do with bluetooth. Play around with this n see if it helps at all Sorry 4got then changed the whole settings, go to system, then about phone, then back to system n developer options will be there
  4. Long time Poweramp user & with this new build NUCKIN FUTZ!!! Confirmed working on: Samsung GALAXY s7 - SM-G930V - 6.0.1 LG G3 - vs985 - 6.0.1 Stock ROM LG G3 - vs985 - 6.0.1 BrokenOS, CyanideL, Dirty Unicorns & TipsyOS
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