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  1. Hello guys and Poweramp Team!

    I have a problem with the Tempo. When im trying to do the song slower or faster the song have a sound like "tsik tsik tsik" over the song and it bugs... When i stop the song and i press play again it gets fixed. I dont use Tempo but i wanted just to report the bug. Lg G3 Titan (Poweramp Alpha Version)(Android 6). Btw the best player in Playstore.

  2. Hello Poweramp team! I just wanted to ask if there is Poweramp.exe i mean player for windows. I have bought the app because its awesome and id like to see the app at windows. At the end i want to ask if at the future you will think about to make a player for windows! Thanks for your time guys (Alpha tester) You are doing amazing job!

    Regards DodA

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