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  1. 2 minutes ago, ilyandroid said:

    BTW the trick with connecting wired headset and playing with it and further connection of bluethooth headset works. So you can delete this topic

    Have you tried closing and opening the app again? If that works try rebooting once. If both works then the problem is kinda fixed I guess. Just let me know what happens.

  2. 7 minutes ago, ilyandroid said:

    I have the same problem on my ZUK Z2 running on AOSP Extended v5.5 official android 8.1.0. Kernel 3.18.71-lineageos+. ROM is stable. Unlock is purchased on Google Play. Poweramp v3 Build 793. Tested on 2 wireless headsets. The first run of Poweramp after downloading from Google Play is without any issues. When I close and open the app again bluethooth headsets are only able to control volume. I can't skip track or pause the app. Reinstallation of the app helps.

    Do you experience the same issue even after the reinstallation or is it rectified?

  3. 9 hours ago, dwang040 said:

    Are you referring to the snapdragon 810? If I'm not mistaken, the OnePlus 2 uses the snapdragon 810, and the 810 does indeed support high res. I do not have the same phone, but I do have a htc m9 (also uses snapdragon 810) and I do have hi res support. I think what the issue may be for you though is that you are using a custom rom and kernel. That can lead to some "compatibility issues" and I would assume that's what's causing you the issue. I had a similar problem where the hi res feature was not compatible with my custom rom and kernel, but somehow, in the previous update, that was fixed (maybe something else was the culprit but idk. hi res worked, then an update came and it wasn't working, and now it is working again regardless of rom and kernal). Your best bet would be to fill out that "hi res support" forum post and hope that maybe it get's updated. Though, in all honesty, I doubt people are really missing out on much as they assume they are when it comes to hi res vs the normal audio playback device (specifically wired capabilities). Even with some of the most top notch headphones and iems, I doubt the difference between them is significant enough or even near noticeable for everyday music listening. If you're talking about wireless, then I can't say much about stuff like aptX and what not. but yeah, like I mentioned earlier, your best bet would be to add a post to that "hi res support" thread. 

    Ya I totally agree with you. With formats like MP3 most of the quality would've been lost already. Also ive heard the DAC plays a major role when it comes to good quality and lossless output. All I wanted to mention was that the hi-res Support is present but I cant turn it on. Anyway I posted it on the other forum and thank you for the detailed reply.

  4. Hi. I have OnePlus 2 running on Lineage OS 15.1 with bluebolt custom kernel, Poweramp V3 build 793. When connected to a Bluetooth headphones, I am not able to play/pause or skip to next or previous songs. Only the volume can be changed. 

  5. 17 hours ago, Gerolf Vent said:

    OnePlus 2 (Snapdragon 810)

    Android 8.1 / LineageOS 15

    Build 793


    On Android 6 Hi-Res worked perfectly. 



    Output failed=NativePlugin[187893664] uniq_name=com.maxmpz.audioplayer/output.athd id=5 flags=80000003 name=Hi-Res Output
        at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService$9.run(":1681)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:764)


    Same problem here. 

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