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  1. The player itself don't seem to be similar but the combination of name and logo makes it easy to confuse the two. I feel confident this is done on purpose to ride of Poweramps game. I found it searching for Poweramp. For someone being recommended Poweramp it wouldn't be unlikely for them to go to poweraudio instead if they slightly remembered the name wrong. Once again something I believe is the creators strategy. The logos are close to identical in my eyes.
  2. Have you guys seen this? Seems like a blatant attempt at skimming of Poweramps logo and name. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xsoftstudio.musicplayer.pro
  3. Hi I'm kinda new to this, so I was hoping someone here could answer a couple of questions. 1. What is float32 sample format, and should I use it? 2. What function does DVC really have, and do I need it? I have a Galaxy s9+. I have so far set audio up with hi-res, no dithering and no equ/tone. All files are loseless FLAC. Tnx for any advice.
  4. I installed the v3 test version on my Galaxy S7 Edge, and now my line-out volume is cut in half. I've tried disabling DVC and it did not work. I've uninstalled the app and my volume output is still cut in half. I've even done a hard reset and flushed my cache + manually deleted the leftover Poweramp folder in a desperate attempt to regain my volume, but it sill doesn't work. My volume output on headsets are now permanently cut in half. Any suggestions?
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