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  1. Thanks, that solved the queue issue Also i'm adding disc number sorting to the request, i've a couple of album from the same year and artist and it would be nice to get them in the proper order
  2. Well for me material design is very important, and before you jump criticizing and is just aesthetic, it is not, it's marketing, most user would ditch the app at first glance because it looks outdated when there are many apps more appealing, they won't take the time to discover the powerful features of the app, also is the characteristic design from android, and the one users are used to, it would be easier for them to adapt to the app, this changes would mean and increase of users, thus and increase of incoming, thus and increase in the work the developers can put into the project. Apart from that i'd like and option that, when i'm playing in shuffle, and i queue a song, after the songs ends it continues with the shuffle, and doesn't create a playlist of queued songs. Also an option to, when i select a song from the library, it doesn't take me to the player, instead, show a tiny controller bellow, with info about the song and play/pause, next song etc. And those are the features i would like to see the most, if you go for material design, an option to chose the colors would be nice, but is not that important
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