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  1. Is it only for the paid version? I downloaded the free version and can't seem to find an option for the font sizes. Thanks for the reply
  2. Yeah because all of us have Android Auto Units in our cars. I did try out this solution some time ago (sideloaded AA on my phone since it's not supported in my country) and it does work with PA fine although the battery drain is quite high if you don't plug it on a USB port. And judging by this answer it looks even more likely that nothing will be done on a skin with larger fonts...
  3. @djdjdj I warned you guys didn't I? If you take into account that my request for a skin with larger fonts goes back to 2012, then the six months you think are a lot, well...they are not. The only way I explained it in my mind is that the dev does not consider this a logical request or it's always in the bottom of his priorities. To be honest I'm not using PA in my car anymore as other apps went on to create CAR MODES...
  4. What about non car head units? Just playing Poweramp on our phones with a simple skin with larger fonts? (not all cars have head units) PA was the first android app I've ever bought and keep coming back because of its awesomeness but believe me it's very frustrating trying to see the info while driving. Let's see the new UI hoping for better options. Thanks
  5. Good luck asking for larger fonts! We have requested a car skin as back as 5-6 years ago and never received an answer (you can search and find the posts). Lots of us drive and use Poweramp and i find V3 even worse in this aspect. Basically it's dangerous to drive and trying to make out the info (as in the picture). I've even bought other apps to use in the car but a simple skin would be great...
  6. Anthos

    Car Using

    @ resto My friend, over the years we fought this battle many times and lost...Welcome to the "you will never get a car skin" club...
  7. Poweramp was the first app I paid on Android. Don't know how many, but lots of us use Poweramp as a car player. 3-4 years back I asked for a car skin with larger fonts as it is border dangerous to try and see the song tags etc (alpha ver is even smaller) while driving. I tested 4-5 and even bought one music app just for car use. I end up coming back to Poweramp for its audio quality which is already excellent for me. So without trying to impose that one is more important than the other, some of us still view look and feel important enough.
  8. And it was the first ever app that I purchased Thanks for the suggestion. I've already downloaded Rocket Music Player and I will give it a try.
  9. It is unfortunate that almost 2 years after i started this thread and after people asking for a car skin with LARGER fonts, nothing has been done despite having been told in a couple of threads that a car skin would be developed.
  10. I'm sure many of us use Poweramp in their car to play their music through the car system. I've searched for a skin that would utilize the screen for bigger fonts as it's difficult to see the info on our phones whilst driving but found none. Thanks and keep up the good work. Anthos ------------------------- EDIT Despite searching before posting (I really did!), I just found a previous feature request so I apologize for posting the same request.
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