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  1. I am also facing this issue .... using Honor Play .... and that is after latest build ... previously the volume was same as android's native .... both the android native and high res had higher volume than java output .... but now native has the loudest volume output than high res and java has the least volume among the three
  2. Hello.... The new build is awesome looks and functionality wise.... However, i am facing a problem that is MusicFx was working in previous build 709 and in v2 but in 792 when i long press MusicFx it doesn't opens up..... My phone is nokia 6.1 2018... thanks
  3. 1. LG V20 H990DS International Variant 2. Stock Android 7.0 3. Because it has QUAD DAC ESS SABRE 9218 capable of playing 24bit/192KHZ and even 32bit/384KHZ as shown in its etc/audio_policy.conf here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Whre_ZjAbDdVNHRUhCSDlwbkU/view?usp=sharing (also attached for ease) More info from this demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0pL-_v1jBU It's an awesome audiophile grade device and not having support of HI-RES in my favorite player saddens me .... currently using Poweramp Alpha 704 with Viper4Android and the Sound Quality this device throws is Marvelous... waiting for Max the Great to enable HI-RES for us LG V20 users audio_policy.conf
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