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    Can't play amr

    strange, PA can play mp4 format as audio only, but not amr?! - Okk!
  2. I have exactly the same problem in v3. I'll switch back to v2
  3. Can it be that the content of this file is encrypted? If yes why???
  4. That would interest me too! And what is the adjustment in dB? +-10dB or +-20dB?
  5. mph

    Headphones Presets

    That would interest me too! There are institutions such as 'goldenears', 'innerfidelity' who make headphone reviews with Frequency Response Measurement. Another project called "Viper4Android"; "Viper4Windows" works with so-called 'impulse-response sample files' (irs) in combination with the Frequency Response Measurement from the Headphones, and the headset can be corrected on the frequency response. The Equalizer is available again for the music genere preset such rock, pop, etc.