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    5.1 channel option

    i used to love 5.1 channel feature on the vibrant music player but power amp doesnt have it so it would be great nd the music would sound even more amazin if. ypu guys can do that thank you
  2. s44suman

    please do it :)

    it would be just greatly great if you guys can do this its just an idea let me give u a senerio lets say i am playing a game and i want to skip this certain song so i have 1. go back to the homescreen 2. drop the notification and click on power amp icon or just tap the power amp icon on the home screen 3. tap the next button on power amp 4. go back to the homescreen 5. resume the game instead of this long procedure if you guys could just implement the play pause next back button in the recent apps if your not getting what i am saying here is a senerio again i am playing my game and want to skip a song so i just press and hold the home button as the recent apps pops up and there is it the play pause next and back music control buttons this would be great if you guys could do it or just even put this in the notification drop down