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  1. I feel adding new features are always welcome but team should fix broken or missing features from standard release on priority basis. Typically my own suggestion for priorities would be: 1) Glitch in volume during volume adjustments. 2) Time counter, sample rate, bit rate & file type is not properly visible in portrait mode. I have seen this issue on My Galaxy Note Edge phone. 3) Edge screen controls are not present like standard release. 4) Glitch in audio during playing .aac file format. No such behavior with standard release. With one of the .aac file tempo of the music slows down at specific time. Files are not corrupted. Video Player is able to play files well.
  2. On Galaxy Note Edge, Poweramp v3 as no controls for Edge Screen. In earlier standard release edge display had "Add to play list" & other options.
  3. On Galaxy Note Edge I have seen that during volume adjustment audio has glitch. Volume drops and adjusts.
  4. On Samsung Galaxy Note Edge phone bottom part is not properly visible. I have attached screenshot for the same. Last portion is black. Time Counter, Sampling Frequency, Bit rate & file type is not visible in portrait mode. In landscape mode it is visible.
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