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  1. Am I wrong or Android 5.0+ allows 24-bit/96 Khz output instead of 16-bit/44-48 Khz? Can we have it in OpenSL ES driver? Also Follow original frequency option. Upsampling is not always welcomed. Especially 44->48 Khz is totally useless. Also excessive battery usage.
  2. How about customizable steps of volume? Like 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 55, 60, 62, 64, 66, ...., 80, 81, 82... 100. May be overkill but still comfortable.
  3. HTC 10 is not DAC - it's just Qualcomm Aqstic codec. And it's good. https://www.qualcomm.com/news/snapdragon/2016/06/02/qualcomm-aqstic-sets-new-standard-audiophiles
  4. Album searcher procedure with wrong parameters: Active track - Album 1. Media Library -> Browse to Album 2 -> Choose track -> Edit tag -> Album art: It searching for wrong cover using tags of active track from Album 1, not 2.
  5. 1. HTC 10 24-bit output crashes pretty often. Also crashes resets track in cue-album (1st track again) and track position or switches to other album. 2. Qualcomm Aquistic codec/DAC support? 3. Need an option to save downloaded Album art to the same folder as source or embedding it in file, not to db. Optimizers tends to clean appcache. Also it's a way to free space cause music can rotate pretty often. I just want to keep music and art together. 4. Lyrics search when?
  6. Please add option to save downloaded cover in folder / file (embedding).
  7. Confirmed HTC 10 problems with 24-bit/192 Khz output: switching tracks or position change -> output error very often. Pls fix it if possible. It sounds much more interesting than OpenCL ES 48 Khz. Interesting fact: likely foobar2000 has no problem (though no extensive experience) with output to 96000 (no 192 Khz option). But dat interface is no go. Still can't confirm how dows it output - no info provided.
  8. Another interface requests: 1. Change Artist icon - present icon is more like Microphone itself. Confusing. May be just human head in profile? 2. Visual separators for A, B, C... Z in Artist mode. Really helps in long lists. 3. Slightly background colour difference in Library lists (optionally) to separate: - Artists list: by 1st letter. (A, B, C...) - Selected Artist list: by albums (all songs of each album on same background). - Folders view: by artist. (all songs/albums of same artist with one background). 4. Fast navigation by 1st letter. Scrolling to Z o
  9. Sorry, failed to download screenshots at 1st. 5,644,800 Hz - Double-Rate DSD. And dat bitrate! 1.5 Gb for one song? It's overkill for any smartphone for now.
  10. Lol, I messed up. Never tapped area with artist icon and "All Artist Songs". Thought it just info. May be make it "Show All..." as a hint for such idiots as I am? Also total time of tracks here will be nice. Quick access helps. I have a lot of artist with only one song so the long list of artists bugs me. Again, "Show..." makes it easier to understand. I thought it just shows Library in Artist mode without filter.
  11. 5644? It's not Khz - it's Kbps. 192 Khz is Sampling and 5644 is Bitrate. Resampling needs when file sampling (44.1 for CD - 96 Khz for Hi-Res like vynil rips) is different from your output (48 Khz as Android default, 44.1 / 96 / 192 Khz in output). No sound if it's different. Avoiding resampling when file and output sampling can be matched is another story. Already wrote it in another thread.
  12. LG G2 D802 LG firmware KitKat 4.4.2. No root. Stock player SOMETIMES conflict with PA (only) in 24-bit experimental output. DVC doesn't matter. The stock player uses DVC cause same volume with PA DVC activated. Sequence: 1. Play song in PA. 2. Start song (another or same) in stock player. Doesn't matter if PA pauses song before starting. 3. PA doesn't stop/pause auto but time freezed and no sound. No effect from Play/Pause button, switching songs gives no effect. Sometimes crashes. 4. To resume play need to change something in Audio Output (Khz or just switch to O
  13. 1. Shuffle. Example: listening discography and shuffling only one artist. 2. Less actions to find and play song from one artist. No checking INSIDE every folder and going uplevel. 3. Power of habit. I like my Foobar2000 (PC) view:
  14. Just need option "CUE as song list without subfolder". Example: Folder \ArtistName contains: album_name_1.flac, album_name_1.cue, album_name_2.flac, album_name_2.cue, song_name_1.flac, song_name_2.flac Want to see: 1. 1st song from album_1 ... 10. 1st song from album_2 .... 20. song_name_1 21. song_name_2 Choosing Hierarchic view in Options doesn't help: the cue still looks like subfolder. And you don't get folder arts - may be show 2-4 thumbnails in case of more than one album? Also playtime near number of tracks will be nice.
  15. 1. Need simple option: "Do not resample loseless source if possible". I don't really like 48 Khz resampling in OpenCL ES output even for 16-bit 44.1 Khz source. Even for 24-bit 96 / 192 Khz output may be useful. Resampling is not always good. 2. Also/Alternative it will be nice to have short way to choose Audio output. 7-8 taps to change output Khz by now. Want 3 max. May be button for list of audio options for active output (headset) from last used: OpenCL ES 48 Khz, Snap 24-bit 44.1 Khz, Snap 24-bit 96 Khz Khz, Snap 24-bit 192 Khz. I understand it's not for everyone and everyday bu
  16. I transfer albums to smartphone as long flac/ape + .cue (lazy to use Cuesplitter every time). I need option to show all songs, from .cue too, in one folder as it in any file manager or Neutron. Show CUE disk image files = No.
  17. 1. Drivers for better DAC. 2. Lyrics. Seek & Download. 3. Google Music (voted). 4. Sort by folders: I want all songs in one folder as one folder. By now the image+.cue always shows as separate folder. 5. Easy playlist managment with swipes.
  18. 1. LG G2 D802. 2. Android 4.4.2 (LG stocked). 3. Wolfson though Snapdragon experimental driver 24-bit worked.
  19. Direct Volume Control is the culprit. Smartphone just don't get it when you need to change music volume not the call. I got same reaction from LG G2 D802 (4.4.2, no customs) but friend said no problem with custom ROM.
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