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  1. Currently when a song is playing and you enqueue a different song it replaces the currently playing song with the new song as a queue. It would be nice if there would be a setting to change this behaviour so that the new queue includes the currently playing song.
  2. I was wondering how Poweramp draws the spectrum-centered effect. What are the variables, to achieve that kind of smoothing? I wouldn't mind getting a peek at the source code or just the variables handling that. I want to replicate that effect in a different program, but would like to know the values Poweramp uses to make the spectrum smoother.
  3. What about having an integration with Android Auto? I would love to see that.
  4. Looks like it magically appeared. This may have been some bug from an older beta/alpha version and the database was updated recently? Anyway. This can be marked as solved now. Thanks
  5. The song "Mountkid - No Lullaby" is a NoCopyrightSounds release. I found a ".wav" version of it and converted it to ".flac" on Linux. I will send you the download link via private message, as I don't want to publicly post the download link.
  6. The media player I use on my PC (Music Player Daemon + Cantata) shows the metadata correctly. I always use Cantata to edit my tags. The metadata just doesn't work in Poweramp. I could provide (royalty free) examples for this bug.
  7. I have some FLAC files in my music library and it seems like most files do not have any metadata in Poweramp (Artist, Album, Genre,...). I am currently using beta-build-795-play but this was the same in earlier versions. I converted my wav files to flac with the command-line utility "flac" available for most Linux distros (Package name probably "flac").
  8. In my opinion a weekly (automated) snapshot of the current state would be nice. You could set up a build server (like Jenkins or TeamCity).
  9. I was wondering, why no site is using https by default and why there is no trusted ssl certificate. Nowadays it is very easy, to setup an SSL certificate for free, by using Let's Encrypt. Not using any kind of encryption for a website with login (forum) is just dumb, as there is no cost in securing the website.
  10. I think this can be closed, as it has been implemented in the Redesign beta.
  11. Hello there, as you can read in the title, a feature like that would be very nice. There are very good looking Visualizers which would look better behind the cover and the controls
  12. Hello there, wouldn't it be nice to have a plugin system in Poweramp? I mean... We could program a podcast addon or a soundcloud addon. There are many ideas in my head. I would like such system. Kind regards
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