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  1. Are there any news about this bug? This kind of makes the app un-usable.. cant filter trough folders, cant search trough them (same type of crash..)..
  2. yes, all characters are OK, i even "repaired/cleaned" ID3 tags with an app. EDIT: forgot to mention that the same "music set" worked flawlessly on my other phone with Poweramp... (just copied the folders to my new phone..)
  3. The app crashes when i scroll trough the folder browser if there are folders in the current list.. it does not happen allways. The library works fine. I tried removing some folders, adding new (to check if some corrupted) with the same result, random crashes while scrolling. I submitted the Poweramp crash log after the crash to your email. As i checked your log and the device log it seems like a thumb handler error.."java.lang.IllegalStateException: newPosition should be in the window at this point" attaching the catlog dump. Thanks! INFO: Version: latest stable + latest alpha (same result) Device: Oneplus Two Android: 6.0.1 ROM: Exodus latest nightly p.s. i also submitted the bug form. crash_log.txt
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