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  1. Hello, After a quick search and skim I think there's no API intent for rating tracks? I'd just got thumbs up and down from Google Play Music through Tasker with Autonotification following this guide http://forum.joaoapps.com/index.php?resources/press-a-button-on-an-existing-notification-thumbs-up-on-google-play-music.140/. I spent some time trying to understand and get GPM's Broadcast Receivers but got to realising this kind of function is hidden closed source and couldn't specifically rate songs without using this notification mod method. Unfortunately Poweramp doesn't have rat
  2. Thanks, it doesn't work for my Sony Z3 compact on LOS14.1 though unfortunately. This is with Arise required right?
  3. To update the feature request is no longer required, tested with 704.The issue no longer exists after updating to Nougat. The Xposed App Settings mod on Nougat now has the entire Poweramp app functioning over the lockscreen.
  4. You mean Ainur Sauron? I tried that before on 704 but it didn't gain anything for me. Not even 44.1kHz instead of 48kHz that I'd seen mentioned.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I had 24-bit but with only 44.1/48kHz on my Z3C Lineage 14.1 until a recent development change that put it back to 16-bit. I hadn't needed to use sound mods in the past being on a stock MM ROM with Sony Hi-Res API. With Arise i've got the same 16-bit 192kHZ Lenovo Hi-Fi you've got. I find it sounds worse unless at 96kHz on my device in my opinion, that might have to do with Sony's Hi-Res API being only 96kHz. Installing it is a bit of a task to follow. I find Viper is useful for it's system wide EQ. The only other extra I use is Dolby Digital Plus to improve the a
  6. Did you find a solution? I knew I'd seen this somewhere. Just saw it while messing around with my lockscreen settings. With Xposed Gravitybox has "Direct Unlock" under Lockscreen tweaks for skipping the swipe. It also allows removing the dim overlay there. There's also another Xposed module "Bright Lockscreen" that allows customising the dim overlay percentage if you prefer too. Here's a bonus for you. Depending on your manufacturer's setup your keyguard screen may not show the status bar and status bar icons. Use Xposed module NotifyClean to enable show status bar while keyguard to get
  7. Hi Theo, That's some nice features you've provided with your work. Could I please request a remove all ratings feature? There's no way in stock to do so without losing playlists too. Thanks
  8. Hi. First of all I'd like to thank the developers for their groundbreaking work. With the superior sound from the latest Sony Hi-Res support and audio engine on Alpha-3 I've only just swapped from Sony's music app with it's High-Res capability. I'm happy with the features PA provides coming from the Sony Music app with playlists, queuing, folders, etc. However one capability in particular I'm missing from Sony's app is the ability to add the current playing song to a playlist while the phone is still locked. I used this for creating genre playlist favourites from various sources while on
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