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  1. Since the latest update, things seem to be broken. 

    Previous playlist no longer play

    The shuffle feature, no matter how many different times or ways I try to engage it, does not seem to work. Is it really so difficult to shuffle songs within a single playlist without other songs popping in at other playlist being accessed? It didn't used to be difficult.

    Selecting a playlist used to be easy. This is no longer the user-friendly app I had grown accustomed to. Now, aside from playlists no longer playing or no longer being visible, just simply playing songs in a playlist becomes difficult.


    I guess sometimes the old adage is true, if it ain't broke don't fix it

  2. Please consider adding a simple "select visualization" selector in the visualization settings.  (I'm old school and prefer my album art).

    1. Album Art

    2. Screen savers

    3. Annoying EQ bouncy spectrum line thingys


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