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  1. Well, apparently it works now that I have uninstalled/installed it, don't know why it didn't work before.. Solved, thanks
  2. I forgot to mention that the songs work in any other music player. But here's a link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bm0frdrnukgl6kv/Muse%20-%2002%20Starlight.zip?dl=0 Yes I'm going to do so Thanks
  3. I can see my whole internal storage but the hidden android files /Storage/emulated/0 I see the songs in the list, but they won't play. Application problem ? Thanks for your time
  4. I see none of these 2 paths. Well can select and scan the local storage, but it won't read the files when I try to. What may be the problem if it's not about my SD card? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply ! Yes probably, I think that solving the SD card problem will directly or indirectly solve the internal storage problem I had a Xperia Z2, now I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 5.0. Poweramp version is 2.0.9 build 539. Thanks
  6. Hi, Poweramp won't read my sd card, when I look at the menu " music folders " where you can choose which folders will be scanned, I don't see my sd card I see that the problem has been reported many times, but it was a longtime ago, and they said 2 things : - Clear cache - Wait for an update The update already came, as Poweramp worked on my previous phone, so it's not about the update, it's about my phone or the settings of the application. I also tried to read a music by going through my file explorer, and select " open with - ┬ĘPoweramp ", but it doesn't work.. I moved a song folder from my sd card to the internal storage, but it won't read it either. If anybody can help me, it'd be cool Thanks !
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