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  1. Found a workaround. Downloaded solid explorer and created shortcuts to the playlist files, which I exported from Poweramp.
  2. Well does not work on nova either. I think it works on the stock by sheer luck
  3. Guess I'll wait see if I get a response. But spotify shortcuts works. I think it is about the way the shortcut is created. As spotify creates it within the app
  4. Apex. After updating to 9.0.10 it works on the stock launcher. It did not previously.
  5. When i drag it i can see the shortcut for half a second then it disappears
  6. Hi. Im using Poweramp v3 on my Oneplus 5T runing OOS 9.0.5 (pie) When i try to add a shorcut everything seems fine but after i select the playlist nothing is added to the screen I have the paid version but im thinking about changing player since I use V4A anyway and the shortcuts are important to me since I use them to change playlists while driving. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks
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