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  1. Hi Max! Love the new app! Will it be possible to incorporate a feature or add-on for Samsung Edge panel?
  2. yes, actually, just now i disabled 'parse cue files' option and now my playlist is back! thanks for the assist! why would that option be enabled by default anyway? i used the default music player but all is fine in that one.
  3. but when I reinstalled v2 the problem goes away.
  4. hello on my note 8 exynos some flac album songs are missing from the playlist. even when viewing from folder list. i uninstalled the app reinstalled, still the same set of songs are missing. i hope this is a bug that can be fixed by an update. i'm using the latest 812 update. attached is a s screenshot of the playlist.
  5. Kudos for this update after many years of patiently waiting. I am having a bit of a problem with resume play for wired devices. On my note 8 plugging the wired headset/speakers doesn't work. Any thoughts or is this a bug? It used to work on the previous beta and stopped when I recently upgraded. Should I empty my cache?
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