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  1. hello, i really love this app, i bought it and i use it all ths time and i think its almost perfect !!! the only thing that i think is missing, is a buttom in the player itself, that allows me to go to the album of ths specific song. maybe "go to artist" or "go to album" buttoms in the options menu, or swipe down and up over the album art to change to the next song in the album. i think it will make the app even better than now, because now it is pretty complicated to do what i am talking about, you need to go to the library, then choose albums, and then search the album that you want, and it is pretty difficult when you have almost 3000 songs like me... im sorry if you dont understand what i mean... my english is not the best. thank you very much, i hope you will find a solution for me and many others like me !
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